Touring Tips for the Newbie Singer Songwriter

Within this day and age it’s extremely hard to make money being an independent singer songwriter. A lot of people think it’s actually physically impossible although the truth of the matter is the fact that there is a way. And it’s not as difficult as you think, you need to simply know what to do and how to undertake it. Many people think they can’t tour and then make money until they have label support – but that’s an old construct that is simply not realistic anymore. you need to show that you can make tour and money successfully before any label can even take you on. So what do you need to know?


First, and foremost, you have to actually carry on tour. No one’s going to do it for yourself at first. You won’t be able to get any sort of quality booking agent before you can book your own independent tour all on your own. So, just start booking a little mini tour. Shoot some emails out to places along the routing that you choose. Go for a little long weekend run. Alternatively, do 2 weeks out. The point is to hold going out and starting. Have a look at coffee shops, places where may not pay you a lot, but will let you play on other days each week other than Saturday and Friday nights. If you just get started, you can expect to eventually have the capacity to work towards you up. You don’t even need to be that good – you just have to give your very best, keep at it, and be cool to create friends in the process.


Then you got to get the right wheels for the job. You need something reliable that will be able to enable you to get there and around the country, without sucking down gas, rather than being a very obvious touring vehicle. If you’re in something that looks obviously such as a musician’s car, you’re planning to set yourself up for being robbed (particularly if you go to St. Louis). Check out the used cars in San Bernardino, there are going to be some very nice options for the newbie singer songwriter. It won’t just be Nissans at that place, cause they take trade ins from other car manufacturers. And if all else fails, head to Metro Nissan Redlands since they can get you some good deals on cars that will definitely allow you to move about the country easily and freely.


Since you won’t be able to command huge guarantees in your first few months and years, you’re gonna want to get some merchandise to sell. Even if you make $20 from a cafe in NowheresVille USA, it is possible to at least sell a few CDs, or beer koozies or any other such merchandise to the people there and get money for that gas tank. There are a lot of options for cheap merchandise that will really make a significant difference for you and definately will make that tour successful instead of utter and total failure.